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Patto di collaborazione tra il Comune di Milano e il Comune di Teheran


Patto di collaborazione tra il Comune di Milano e il Comune di Teheran

Patto in italiano farsi inglese

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Milano a 360°

Vivi la sensazione di essere al centro dei luoghi più belli di #Milano: cammina tra le navate del Duomo di Milano, ammira il panorama e le montagne dal tetto di Palazzo Lombardia, visita il Teatro alla Scala od osserva da vicino i particolari del grande mosaico di Sant’Ambrogio.
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Foto: © Pietro Madaschi –

Experience the special feeling of being right in front of Milan’s most beautiful attractions: walk along the Cathedral’s naves; admire the landscape and the far-off mountains from the rooftop of Palazzo Lombardia; visit La Scala or look up the details from Sant’ Ambrogio’s magnificent mosaics.

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Foto: © Pietro Madaschi –


Milano Food City

food city

Dal 4 all’11 maggio Milano mostrerà il suo lato più gustoso! Ci aspetta una settimana di eventi all’insegna del buon cibo di qualità. Un Fuorisalone del gusto che, in contemporanea a TuttoFood Milano, la fiera internazionale ospitata da dall’8 all’11 maggio, sarà capace di coinvolgere tutta la città.
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#VisitMilano #BellaMilano #inLombardia

Milano Food City - from May 4th to 11th - will show the metropolis’s most delicious side! A week of appetising events. A Fuorisalone of taste that, at the same time as the international Exhibition TuttoFood Milano hosted by #FieraMilano from May 8 to 11, will be able to involve the entire city.
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#VisitMilano #BellaMilano #inLombardia



art week 2017

From March 28 to April 2th the most important Italian Art Week comes back to Milan.
A rich program of events, opening ceremonies and special inaugurations of important art exhibitions will take place during the period of MiArt (March 31- April 2): the fair in which modern and contemporary art keep in touch.



At the gates of Milan the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum "The Time Machine" has reopened to the public after a deep renovation.
The idea of a museum dedicated to the great Italian car brand and its history was actually born in the years following World War II.
It started collecting and organizing memorabilia, restoring cars and writing captions for the "works" to be exhibited: a long and painstaking work that required many years.
The Museum opened In 1976 but could be visited only by appointment. Unfortunately, following the cessation of production in Arese, just outside Milan, it was closed in 2009.
Today the brand is finally on show again in Arese, in an even bigger space, charming and refined.
A modern museum that tells the history of the unique Alfa Romeo brand.
The 69 models that have most marked the evolution of the brand are on display.
From the first A.L.F.A. car, the 24 HP, to the winners of the legendary Mille Miglia as the 6C 1750 Gran Sport of Tazio Nuvolari, the heavyweight 8C Touring, and the Grand Prix 159 "Alfetta 159" of World Formula 1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio.
The visit is organized according to three principles, which constitute the essence of the brand: Timeline, which represents industrial continuity; Beauty, which combines style and design; and Speed, synthesis of technology and lightness. Each principle corresponds to a floor of the museum.
The journey through the myth ends with the spectacular "emotional bubbles" dedicated to the experience of the Alfa Romeo world, with movies in virtual 360 degree reality, and a room where the visitor, sitting on interactive armchairs, can attend the screening of 4D movies dedicated to the legendary Alfa victories.
Part of the museum houses the Alfa Romeo Documentation Center, which houses a large historical archive containing scanned images for inspection, technical publications, drawings, films and documents, reviewing the entire company history, its sport activities and its products.

Did you know that Alfa Romeo won the first two Formula 1 world championships in history, in 1950 and 1951? Come discover Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio’s legendary “Alfette” 158 and 159 @Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese, right outside Milan. Beauty, speed, passion, made in Italy.


Its logo encloses the symbols of the city of Milan: the Municipality’s red cross on a white background, and the Visconti family’s biscione. Alfa Romeo is Milan: design, innovation, tradition, beauty. Come discover the history of the brand @Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese.



Discover the Alfa Romeo Museum. A real tour through the ages, the cars, the legends, the victories, revealing the events and curious facts that have written the history of a legendary brand. Free interactive application – in English, Chinese and Italian language – available for IOS and Android.





Milan has a long history. It has often been at the center of national events and different historical periods have left important traces throughout the city. This explains the richness of Milan’s heritage and the abundance of monuments, precious works of art and impressive architecture.
Milan was built over time, increasingly taking on a more important role at the national and international level. In recent years, it has also grown as a tourist destination.
But how many tourists, not to mention residents, know the city really well? How many have been wondering what else they should visit apart from the major obvious attractions, like the Sforza Castle, La Scala, the Duomo, Palazzo Reale ? Is there anything else as interesting and valuable?
Milan hides its beauties carefully, only to reveal them to those who are really interested and passionate about it. And it is almost impossible to have enough time for a comprehensive search.
So the City of Milan has decided to make it easier for all those who are interested in exploring the city, better if on foot, tracking down the less well-known attractions, which are often but just as significant and rewarding.
Those who have visited Milan in the past will now easily run into tall dark grey metal panels, slightly bent backwards, with a red vertical stripe on the left side and the city’s logo. In the official, elegant typeface they will read a description in Italian and in English of whatever it is that they are in front of: churches, buildings, monuments, museums, city districts. Almost 300 tourist information panels have been placed all over the city, describing all the significant attractions.
Bridging tradition and technology, the panels are equipped with a QR code. You can scan it with tablets and smartphones and access the translation of the descriptive text in 7 additional languages (Arabic-French-Japanese-Chinese-Russian-Spanish and German). You will sometimes browse through further information and detail in Italian and English as well.
You can find the list of the panels at the link here below:

So you are now free to create an itinerary of your own, following your personal interests. Discover your Milan, and have fun while doing it!